Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Zoo Field Trip

Last Friday our class went on a field trip to the zoo. We had beautiful weather and a great time learning about all the animals and looking for some geocaches along the way.

Bald Eagle

Snack Time

Geese and their goslings. We had to be really quiet so we wouldn't scare them.

A big camel that we got to pet. 

The lions.

Walking back to our bus at the end of the day.

Here's what the kids had to say about their visit to the zoo:

There was a big polar bear and tiny ones. The mama polar bear had a baby under her tummy. - Cassie
I liked seeing the buffalos - Chase
I really liked the lions because they run fast- Dante
I like the play structure and also I liked the tigers - Denise
I liked the play structure and I liked the red pandas, polar bears, lions, tigers - Bryce
The cockroaches are so big. They are so big and they are chamoflauged in the red light - Elryck
My favourite part was seeing the cockroaches and the tigers and the play structure. -Gabriel
I liked seeing all the baby animals - Journey
I liked seeing the horse and the lion - Ken
I liked when we saw the bats and lions - Essence
I liked the butterfly field - Tayna
I liked seeing the buffalos because they run so fast- Danica
My favourite part was the play structure and the polar bear - Nevaeh
I liked the two slides at the play structure - Caleb
My favourite part was seeing the red pandas - Autumn
I liked seeing the horses - Jahmar
I liked the sheep - Carlitos
My favourite part was the red pandas and the snakes and the turtles and the bats. - Leah
I really liked seeing the Lions, they have really pretty eyes - Mrs. Lowe


Anonymous said...

It was a fun day! I am so glad that I was able to come along to the zoo. Ethan's mom

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you kids had a ton of FUN at the zoo! My favorite part is the monkeys. Did you see the monkeys? Hudson is cute too. -Danica's Mom