Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Reading Books and Jelly Bean Tabloid Day!

Today was an awesome day at Stevenson School!

In the morning, we got to pick out our first 3 books for the summer reading project. Our school has partnered with "First Book Canada" to purchase books for every Stevenson student.

       "Research shows that students who do not read daily over the summer, can lose skills they have learned during the past year at school. It is referred to as the "summer slide". We want to help you "battle" against the "summer slide" this year.
       Every student from K-5 will choose at least 5 stories to take home to read with you. These are your books to keep! There is no expectation for you to return these books in the fall. Feel free to give the books to others when you are finished with them. If, at the end of summer, you would like to return/exchange the books, or others you have at home, bring them to the Reading Corner in front of the office at the school. We currently have a Parent Book Exchange there. Now we will start a Student BOGO (bring one, get one) Book Exchange."
                                                                                 -Stevenson School

There is more information on the school blog.


In the afternoon we had Jelly Bean Tabloid day. Students were free to participate in 35 different activities, both inside and outside of the school building.

For every activity they participated in, they received a jelly bean.  The students had lots of fun. 

Here's what some of the kids had to say about the day:
My favourite part of the day was going in the lunch room and playing the music game. - Dante
I got to get a freezie and I played games and sports. - Cassie
My favourite part was taking the books and getting freezies. - Denise
My favourite part was playing hockey! - Jacob
I liked playing with the net. - Jericho
 I loved when I got to pick out a book from the library. I also loved when I got a freeze, and games and jelly beans. - Bryce
I liked playing the game in the lunchroom - Carlitos
My favourite part was when I got the freezies and the video games in the lunchroom. That was fun! -Jahmar
My favourite part was playing Just Dance in the lunchroom. -Ethan
I liked taking books in the library and I liked going to the music room - Journey
I liked playing on the play structure - Caleb


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a fun day at Stevenson. Thank you Stevenson for the books, our family loves books! I hope everyone has a great summer. Thank you Mrs. Lowe for being a great teacher - Danica and her Mom

Ms. Rempel said...

Glad so many kids loved 'Just Dance.' It was fun watching you move to the grooves. That's what makes you beautiful!! Ms. Rempel

Mr. Miller said...

Been great following you this year - have a great summer!