Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Update on #30x30challenge

For the last week we have been spending 30 minutes outside every day. We are participating in the #30x30challenge. 

It is important to spend time outside for fun, and to learn about nature, to help our brains get smarter and more creative, and to improve our physical literacy (new vocabulary) skills. The games we have been playing are fun. 

Being outside helps us to take a break from our technology like iPads, tv's, computers, SmartBoards, tablets, iPods, and phones. 

It is important to go outside to get fresh air instead of staying inside on your technology. 

Here is a list of ideas we still want to try:

  • running on the hills
  • hide and seek
  • play grounders
  • basketball
  • Night at the Museum
  • Daily 5
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Play with cars on the hills
  • Design boats (on a day with puddles)
  • Duck duck goose
  • Adventure Races (different kinds)
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