Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Fun

We started today with some discovery stations that the students created last week. We looked at all the Halloween stuff we had and asked "How can we use this stuff to show our learning?"

Sorting and patterning Halloween cut-outs.
Creating lanterns.
Sorting and counting bugs using tweezers (building our fine motor strength).

Then later in the morning we made 4 teams and competed in some Halloween games.

Games included bowling for ghosts, shake it off (ask the kiddos about that one), cup stacking, and this game where students had to knock down pumpkins using their funny hats. 

After lunch we went to the gym for the dance-a-thon. There were so many great costumes and the dancing was awesome! We also raised a lot of money to keep making our playground even better!

Another hot dog!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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