Thursday, 17 December 2015

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!

Today we made gingerbread cookies. They ran away from us. They left notes all over the place. We found them in room 8.

We decorated them and then we ate them! Yum yum yum yum!

-Written by Room 8 students

by Room 8

You know that I like gingerbreads
you know that I like gingerbreads

Yummy yum yum

You like gingerbreads
You like gingerbreads

Tummy tummy tummy!
-By Alessa

Going to get our cookies from the oven. We were so surprised when they weren't there!
We found a clue in the library. It said to look for the person who answers the phone in a busy place.
We went to ask Ms. Nagam, our school secretary. She gave us a clue that said to find the leaders of the school.  
Ms. Amaral said we just missed them! Good thing they left another clue!
We finally found them, in our own classroom! They said they needed a rest after all that running around.

This is us writing our blog post to you. We help Mrs. Lowe spell all of the words. 
Then we read our own work over and over again to make sure it says what we want it to say. 

Here's what the kiddos wanted to tell you about today:
I liked the part when we ate it! - Koreen
I liked it when we decorated. - Alessa
I liked every part of the gingerbread hunt. - Dylan
I liked chasing them. - Monica
I like many gingerbreads! - Harleen
I like Poppa gingerbread. - Ethan
I liked when we were finding the notes. - Zakary
Gingerbread, gingerbread, you can't catch me. I'm a gingerbread man! - Isaac
I liked the part when we ate it. -Layla
Thank you for the gingerbread men. - Evelyn
I liked when we went on the adventure. - Xydney
I ate the foot! - Lily
I love the gingerbread men. Yummy! - Autumn
The best part was looking for the notes and gingerbread and then we ate them. -Kirsten
I liked when I found the notes and when we got to decorate them. -Isabella
I loved the gingerbread. It was SO good! - Keira
We found the cards. - Camilo
We found the cookies. - Kian

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