Tuesday, 15 September 2015

We are Special!

More creations at Discovery Time!
Today we talked a lot about how we are all special. During our morning meeting we sing a song about being special.
Sing to the tune of Frere Jacque.

We have also been learning about how our names make us special. We read a book about a little girl who learned to love her VERY long name! Then we decorated our own names. Some children with very few letters helped others who had longer names.

At the end of the day our sharing question was "What is your favourite animal?" Some of our favourites include horses, sharks, cheetah, elephant, and kitty cats.

What is your favourite animal?


Jimmy Holland said...

Wow..Look at all these special names, they are all so colourful. Good work, I would love to see more fabulous learning. 😊

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jimmy! It is awesome that you left a comment! - From Room 8