Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How do we know they are learning?

As most of you know, our Kindergarten class is play-based. That means that we are committed to spending a lot of time each day playing!!

The good news is that when children are playing, they are actually learning a lot. It's how their brains process new information.

While the children are playing, it is my job to come alongside them and help to elevate the play by adding new vocabulary or challenges, without taking over. In our classroom I set out interesting materials that will invite the children to discover something new or practice a skill we have been working on. I also spend time observing what they are doing during play.

I use a great app called Notability to collect all of my notes. I have explained to the students that I am writing a book about each of them and the book is about how smart they are. The app allows me to take photos of the students work and make notes by speaking into my iPad. This also gives confirmation to the child that they are capable learners!

Here are some examples of the types of notes I write:

This child is able to write his name independently.

This child is able to count to 13 while pointing at each block.

This child is able to create and extend a simple pattern.
Throughout the year I collect all of these notes and am able to use them to plan for future lessons and see how far we have come.  These notes also give me lots of information when it comes time to write report cards.

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