Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Instagram Challenge 2015

In 2014 many teachers and students from Stevenson School participated in the #eduphotoaday Instagram challenge. It was designed by teachers, Erin Clark and Jeff Hoeppner. You can check out their project and others that were inspired by it here. Everyone really loved participating and an amazing community of learners was developed as a result,

This year, Ms. Dowd (Linwood School) and I, have created our own Instagram challenge.

Instagram #kphotoadayjune

The kindergarten students have come up with a word for each school day of the month of June. Each day the students will work together to represent that word in a photo and share it on Instagram. The fun part is that lots of other classes will be doing the same project so we will all be able to compare photos.

The Rules
We want our students to learn how to use social media appropriately so we have a few rules that must be followed.
1.    Things not People (pictures of faces are not allowed)
2.    Be Interesting
3.     Tell what is happening (without using names)
4.     Nothing gets posted without showing Mrs. Lowe
5.     Share the love by liking and commenting on other photos.
S (These rules were inspired by the ones posted here)

Want to see our photos?
Follow us on Instagram: Our username is MrsLowesClass Please send me an email at with your username so that I can make sure you're not a stranger. Also, we will only follow other classes so that I can make sure our feed is safe and appropriate for student eyes.

Check our blog: Our photos will all be showcased at the top of our blog in case you do not have Instagram.

Follow the #: If you are on Instagram, you can search the #kphotoadayjune to see some of the other photos.


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