Friday, 10 April 2015

New Reading Traditions

In our class we have been learning our letters and sight words since the beginning of the year. We also read and write together every day. Now we are ready to read all by ourselves!

One new tradition in our room is reading books when we come in after lunch. Every table gets a basket of books and the students sit at their desk to read whichever book they choose.  

We often use the document camera show our book to the whole class.
Mrs. Lowe goes from table to table to read with the kids.  Every day she chooses 4 students who have been doing their job, practicing their books, or have learned a new word, to come to the front and share their book with the class.  When they are done reading everyone gives them a round of applause.

We often use the document camera so the whole class can see the words and pictures.
Today some of the students were so proud that they wanted their parents to know. We decided that each of those students should take their book home for the night to read to their families.

Sometimes we wear the microphone so everyone can hear us. 
When we read books in kindergarten we use several strategies that you can try at home:

1. Look at the pictures of the story first and talk about all of the things you notice. Parents can introduce new words that their children may not have heard before. For example, today one of our books had the word "ladybird" instead of "ladybug" that we're used to. 

2. Point to each word as you read it so you don't miss any words.

3. If you don't know a word you can look at the picture for a clue.

4. Make a good guess and check the letters to see if your guess makes sense.

5. Skip the word and see if you can figure it out when you've read the rest of the sentence.

Students are now able to read most of the words in these books independently. It is important to keep reading fun and for it not to become a chore. If your child is becoming frustrated have them take a break or switch to a different book. Listening to stories being read to them and making up their own stories based on the pictures are also VERY important steps to becoming a reader.

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