Thursday, 23 April 2015

Children's Museum Field Trip

We had a great day today at the Children's Museum!

We started the day with a program all about how paper is made.  The students were able to tell the presenter all of the parts of the tree including the crown, leaves, trunk, bark and roots! He was very impressed.

Then we used our bodies to act out all of the steps of how trees get made into paper.

Then we got to make our very own paper!!!

After our program we got to explore the museum.  I heard several children saying "this is the best day ever!"

Thanks again to our many volunteers. Without you we would not be able to explore such great places!


Charlotte's mom said...

Thanks for letting me join you in your adventure, Kindergarteners! I had a great time getting to know some of you and exploring the museum!

- Charlotte's mom!

Connie Lowe said...

Thank you for helping us and for looking after us. From Room 8