Monday, 14 April 2014

Tim Hortons

On Friday, I was doing a little cleaning and I came across some items from Tim Hortons that I had used to help create a dramatic play centre with last year's class. Rather than throwing them out I asked the kiddos if they would like to use them.

In years past, I have roll played and carefully set up what I thought would make a great play area.  This year I left it all up to the kids. I didn't even manage how many children could play in the centre (this is a big deal when you like to have control over things).

As usual, my students surprised and impressed me!

I observed:
-amazing vocabulary (order, server, cash register, change, wallet, coffee, cappuccino, etc)
-wonderful manners and conversations
-problem solving ("This Tim Hortons is crazy busy, we need to make a line!")
-math (making money and paying for items, counting how many donuts go in the box)
-creative thinking (organizing how the restaurant and drive through would be set up)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any muffins at Tim Horton's? It's cool playing Tim Horton's!-Danica

Anonymous said...

Your store looks awesome kids! - Mrs. Lowe