Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kid Blogs

You might notice some new links on the right hand side of our blog. The links are to each child's individual student blog.

These are a special type of blog where each post and comment is sent to the teacher for approval before being published. Even when your child presses the "publish" button, the post is sent to me for approval.

Your child will be able to publish photos and videos of their work at school.  In class we have been working on blog posts together so students are becoming more familiar with what a good blog post should include.

In the beginning, I may include a translation under their writing as some student writing is difficult to read.

We have also talked about the things we need to do to be safe and responsible digital citizens.

  • Do not post pictures of your face.
  • Do not share information about yourself including your last name, address, or where you will be.
  • Only write things that are kind.
  • Do your best work.

As parents, you can help us by looking at your child's blog and leaving comments. Please make sure to only include your first name or mom, dad, etc. We do not want your child identified by first and last name. 

Students are welcome to blog from home once I have blogged with them at school and they know their password.

If you have any questions about student blogging, please feel free to contact me at the school.

-Mrs. Lowe

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