Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fort Whyte Field Trip

In contrast to our Urban Exploration, today we went on a Rural Exploration to Fort Whyte Alive.
In the morning we went on a self-guided tour and saw turtles, red-winged blackbirds, geese, spittle bugs and tons of plants!

In the afternoon we split into 3 groups to participate in guided tours. We were so lucky to have engaging and knowledgable guides. These people are all volunteers and do a phenomenal job of leading and teaching kids. 

Checking out a spider's web with binoculars.

So many cute turtles swimming around in the swamp!

Critter Dipping!

Learning how to carefully, and safely pass by geese while they're with their goslings.

Nature's sunscreen. Powder produced by trees to protect them from the sun. 

We did talk about staying on the trails to avoid poison ivy and wood ticks.When we got back to school I showed students exactly what a wood tick looks like and we all checked ourselves. That being said, please make sure you have closely checked your child for ticks. 

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