Monday, 23 January 2017

Mindfulness and Yoga

 It is mindfulness week at school. So we are practicing yoga. We do yoga to stretch our bodies and calm our minds.

We read "I Am Yoga" by Susan Verde and Peter H. Reynolds and we tried the poses.

It made me feel calm and my body slow. - Harleen 
It relaxed my body. - Xander
It felt calm when you were listening because we were staying still at the end. - Justin
It made me feel relaxed and calm and when I was doing all the poses. I was nice and calm breathing through my nose.  - Charlotte
It made me feel relaxed and calm. - Isabella
It was calm and peaceful. - Chance
It was joy and love in your body. - Autumn
It made me feel calm and peaceful. - Camilo
It was peaceful and kind and good for your body. - Noah
It was calm. - Brodie
It was peaceful. - Caleb

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