Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Outdoor Fun!

Yesterday we went outside for extra play time because it was a beautiful day out. 

We took all the sleds outside and went sledding and played on the hills. We had FUN!

I had fun in the snow - Ethan
Why didn't you come outside with us because we had so much fun! - Justin
It was so amazing outside! - Brodie
We had sled buddies - Evelyn
I had super fun sledding! - Camilo
I had fun on the slide - Chance
We had extra recess because we wanted to have FUN! - Harleen
We played responsibly - Justine
It was super fun because I had fun sledding down the hill. - Isabella
We had so much fun in the snow and on the sleds. We had lots of fun on the hills. - Charlotte

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