Wednesday, 4 November 2015

We Finished the Alphabet!

Since the first week of school we have been learning one letter every day.

We meet at the carpet. Each student brings their own marker and whiteboard. We start by writing our own names on our board, then the letter of the day.

Next we watch a Storybots video and the letter rap video by Have Fun Teaching. The students love rapping along with these.

We brainstorm words we know that start with the letter of the day and then we practice writing the letter in our notebooks (4 times).  Each student is practicing holding writing tools correctly and forming letters in a way that others can read them.

Today was a big day. We finished the alphabet!!!

Using their fine motor control and letter knowledge to form ALL of the letters in the alphabet!
We decided that we should celebrate and came up with a plan!

We also decided to make a new ABC display in our classroom.  I was so impressed with how well the students formed the letters. The new display will be up tomorrow.


McDermott Family said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for learning the alphabet with us! Room 8 Friends