Friday, 14 November 2014

Jon Klassen Visit

Today was the big day we've been preparing for. JON KLASSEN came to visit our classroom and school.

If you don't know him, you should check out his books!

Photo Credit Autumn Le Brennan
He is an amazing author and illustrator. He's even received a Caldecott medal and a Caldecott honour, which recognize each year's most distinguished American picture book for children.

Before he came we brainstormed a list of things to do to make him feel welcome in our classroom.  One student mentioned that we should give him tea.  That gave us the idea to have a tea party for him.

We decorated and tidied our classroom. Mrs. Lowe made tea and cupcakes. We were SO excited.

Jon Klassen came and had tea and cupcakes with us. Then he read his book called "I Want My Hat Back" and showed us how he makes his illustrations. 

After recess we met with all of the kindergarten and grade one students. He read a some stories that he had written and illustrated and some that he had just done the illustrations for.

Then he taught us how to draw one of the illustrations from Sam and David Dig a Hole. It was SO fun!

If you'd like to meet him yourself, he will be at McNally Robinson tomorrow, November 15 at 2:00 pm.

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Stevenson School said...

Wow! Room 8, you are very kind hosts! Thank you for representing our school so well with a famous Canadian author and illustrator. I bet he was very impressed with your tea party!
Sorry I could not be there. I was away learning with other principals. I hope you had a great visit with Jon. Who would you like to invite next?
Ms Couch