Friday, 3 October 2014

Leaf Man

Today we read a book called Leaf Man. We were inspired by Ms. Dowd's class and the lovely book they sent to us, so we created our own leaf people and wrote a book too!

Here's our book

In our class we have been talking a lot about fall and all of the signs of the changing seasons.

I asked the students "Why do you think the leaves change colour?"

Here's what they said:

Because it is fall and the leaves fall off the trees and they change colour - Charlotte

Because it is fall and the different colours red brown yellow and orange. Because the fall is going to change leaves and it will be winter.-Yuan

Because there are veins on the leaves. -Landyn

Because it changes in fall. - Renee

Because they have veins and they have lots of veins and stuff and water. - Justin

Cause they are in fall. - Brayden

Because it's fall and they fall from the trees and they move and turn brown red and orange and then the trees get bare. - Matthew

Because the trees make them healthy. - Parker

Because I saw one that was pink.- Keane

Because the sun came out. - K

Because winter is coming. - Brodie

Because its coming to be winter. - Alfonso

What signs of fall do you see?

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